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As you may or may not be aware I am completing my Bachelor of Vocational Education and Training (BVET). This course has a number of differences to the school based education degrees. It is mainly focussed towards adult learning in a vocational setting at TAFE, most of the students we teach are adults. The delivery to the students is not curriculum based but rather focussed around training packages, which get their guidelines from industry so the training will meet with their requirements.
Most of the students undertaking a BVET in this course are already teaching and delivering in a TAFE institute which has been of some help in the practical component of this course. Although we have had to modify what we due to suit the lesson plans and course structure, it has none the less been of great benefit. Upon reading other students blogs such as Katiereed83, I have learnt there are great differences in education and approaches, even within the students who are undertaking EDC3100. I have been blogging about constructing electrical circuits and using hammer drills, while Katie has been chatting about play-doh, both equally important in our respective areas but worlds apart in terms of delivery and students.

2 thoughts on “Other levels of Education

  1. Agreed. I’m a big believer in the difference between pedagogy and andragogy.

    Part of the contextualisation of learning delivery means 5yo’s and 55yo’s learn differently, have different motivations and different requirements for learning.

    Tabula rasa may occur in an infant to some extent, but it is an absolute detriment to an adult learner.

  2. Haha! Love the comparison between electrical circuits to play-doh. As you say, very important to the respective learning areas. 🙂

    Perhaps you could tie in play-doh somewhere in a future class?! 😉

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